“The desert. It has to with fantasy and dreams.” 

Pioneertown. Perched high atop a rocky crag, overlooking the centre of the universe. The lip of the vortex. California. This desert town was once a Hollywood film set, built to tell the world the story of the Old West. But Hollywood has long since departed and what is left is a small community, thriving in a town haunted by old cowboys. A community of characters in the healing land of the High Desert who revive and re-live the dreams of the original Pioneers of the West. 

This is a story of real lives in a fantasy world.

“Grace Harper takes us onto the streets of the eccentric Pioneertown – a former Hollywood film set now inhabited by a number of characters carrying abundant personal baggage. It’s a beautifully shot ensemble piece, which paints a portrait of a town as unique in its populace as its history.” Carol Nahra, Docs on Screens

World premiere at the BFI 2015

US premiere at St Louis International Film Festival 2016

European Premiere London Short Film Festival 2016